Windows 7 passes 400 million licenses sold, Office 2010 hits 100 million

It’s fair to say that Windows 7 continues to sell like hotcakes all over the world. The previously announced pace of 7 copies per second back in June of 2010 shows no signs of slowing, with Microsoft now trumpeting another significant milestone. More than 400 million Windows 7 licenses have have been sold to date, which works out to roughly 250 million in the past year.

Figures like that are almost hard to believe, what with all the reports of tablet sales killing the Windows netbook market. In addition to rolling on towards half a billion Windows 7 licenses sold, Microsoft says the OS is also now running on nearly 30% of all PCs worldwide.

Also released last summer was Office 2010, and while it’s understandably not selling at the same pace as Windows 7 it’s still doing quite well. CEO Steve Ballmer announced that over 100 million Office 2010 licenses have been sold to date. Ballmer didn’t provide specifics, but that number is probably padded slightly by Office Starter installations — for which OEMs must buy licenses in order to pre-install it on their desktops and laptops. Still, 100 million licenses is nothing to sneeze at, though whether Office can maintain retail momentum now remains to be seen. Sales could slow significantly once more consumers become aware of the free-to-use Office Web Apps on Windows Live.

There’s also good news on the browser front, where Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc reports that Internet Explorer 9 is starting to gain traction and is now installed on about 17% of Windows 7 machines. Not too shabby considering it was only released about four months ago.

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