Foods for Good Health

1. Whole Grain bread – Eat the bread during breakfast, ahead of any protein rich food. Chew well for teeth exercise. Its amino acids are benefial for brain.
2. Sprouted Pulses – Whole pulses like moong, gram, etc. should be sprouted by soaking in water and may be taken during breakfast by dressing it with salt, black-pepper powder and lemon juice for taste. It is nutritious food with vitamins.
3. Plenty of water during the day – relieves fatique and is a cure for constipation. A glass of water if taken immediately after getting up from sleep early in the morning, cools and cleans the internal system. Lemon juice in a cup of water in the morning removes acidity.
4. Use of ginger for indigestion – Take a small piece of ginger and add a little salt to it. Chew well before lunch and dinner and throw away the solid part after sucking its juice. It removes indigestion and mouth germs.
5. Raw salads of carrot, cabbage leaves, tomatoes, coriander leaves, etc. are good. Some boiled vegetables may be added while taking this raw salas. Proper chewing is essential. Salad is beneficial for the health of teeth and skin.
6. Other fruits and vegetables according to the season may be added to the di