Airspace violation: Pakistan warns Nato

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani Friday said that Nato has violated Pakistan's sovereignty and we would respond to it if Isaf followed the course, Geo News reported Friday.

He said that the government was working to eliminate terrorism and has asked Senator Kerry and US admin to share credible intelligence.

PM Gilani said the government believes in meaningful consultation and also desires passage of Accountability Bill with consensus.

"There is slight difference between accountability and victimization. We do not want to victimize anyone and the accountability bill shall be unanimous," he told National Assembly in response to a point of order by MNA Sardar Mahtab Abbasi.

"This is the first ever government where there is no political prisoner and I assure you, there will be no victimization or vendetta," he added.

Abbasi had objected the promulgation of the ordinance designating the powers of Chairman NAB to Law Ministry and had raised serious concerns on it pointing out it was not fair to promulgate ordinance in such a manner after the 18th Amendment.

The prime minister said, "it is extremely important. When we came to power, NAB was working under the Chief Executive and Farooq H Naek was the Law Minister and my cases were being heard by the courts."

"As I did not want an impression of influencing NAB on my part, I better decided had to give NAB under the Law Ministry for the sake of justice," he stated.

He said no ordinance is promulgated without the permission of the prime minister and if any wrong is smelled out of promulgation of this recent ordinance, I shall rectify it.

Gilani said, the government does not want to bulldoze the legislation process that is why the accountability bill is still pending.

"We want it as a unanimous bill," he said and elaborated that Chairman NAB shall also be appointed after consensus between the government and the opposition. "We sent two names to Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly, who did not agree with it and I sought more time from the Apex Court to reach a consensus."